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Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Warning for Smoker !.... Are You Next...? Think Again...!!!

Are you a smoker?? if you’re a smoker so you have to read this story… this is story of a man who is an active smoker for a long time, and he had a mouth cancer because of that.. so pity take a look of the picture below.. i hope this story and this case might be a hard warning for every smoker in the world… stop your smoking habit before you got a mouth cancer like this guy..

Really disgusting huh?? so if you wanna stay healthy without that… stop your smoking habit right now.. remember smoking has many negative effect for your body..

Masih mau mencoba merokok…luar biasa pengorbanan perokok…mengorbankan kesehatan demi seonggok abu dan kotoran nikotin.

Source : World Must Be Crazy/bebasrokok

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