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Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009

Perkemahan atheisme di Inggris

The new camp will be an alternative to faith-based Scout camps
Acara perkemahan ini menjadi alternatif perkemahan keagamaan

The UK's first atheist summer camp for children opening this year is already fully booked with four enquiries for every place. It's called Camp Quest, and has come to the UK from the US with the help of Britain's leading atheist, Richard Dawkins.

'It's beyond belief!' is the motto of the organisation, which was set up in the United States to counter the influence of faith-based summer camps run by the Scouts and church groups. But the Director of the camp in the UK, Samantha Stein, says its purpose is not to spread atheism - rather to encourage thinking:


The idea of Camp Quest is really to let the children decide what they think. So we're going to run some activities on philosophy for children. And we'll run activities on logical fallacies. So it's really a way of getting the kids interested in thinking, interested in philosophy and questions of religion and all sorts of scientific and critical thinking.

One of the games played at Camp Quest is called the Invisible Unicorn Challenge. Campers are told that unicorns live in the area around their tents, and are then asked to prove that they don't exist. The aim is to illustrate the difficulty of proving a negative. But any children who manage the feat will win a ten pound note signed by the author of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins, whose money also helps fund the camp.

Keith Adams, BBC(


semboyan, frasa pendek dan menarik yang menyatakan keyakinan atau tujuan sesuatu atau seseorang

set up
didirikan, diciptakan

to counter the influence of
di sini, menyediakan gagasan alternatif yang kuat

to spread atheism
menyebarkan atheisme, menyakinkan orang bahwa Tuhan tidak ada

logical fallacies
argumentasi yang keliru, argumentasi dengan kekeliruan dalam penalaran

mahluk khayal berbentuk binatang mirip kuda putih yang memiliki sebuah tanduk di bagian depan kepalanya

proving a negative
menemukan dan mewakili alasan untuk menunjukkan atau membuktikan sesuatu itu tidak benar

manage the feat
mampu merampungkan tugas berat

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